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>Is this the right time to go Redang?
>Since Malaysia is a Muslim country, does Redang sell alcoholic drinks?
>Is coach the best way to go up to Terengganu?
>Where do you recommend if we are going for honeymoon?

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This site contain a compilation of articles/writeup (by Ang Chong Lee ,Vincent Lee and Chour Thong), on places which we have identified as exotic. The articles were written in a way to assist the first time travellers in mind. We hope that this site, together with some pictures taken, will serve a good purpose for the many first timers that have heard much of these fabulous places and want to know more about them. With these writeups, we hope that it will reinforce you to mark a date on your calendar to embark on a trip to paradise!

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Why Redang?

Deep Impact !

Let me tell you that we have had (all of us) a lovely experience at Coral Redang Resort in Pulau Redang; Accomodation was fine and food excellent and this is coming from an Italian who consider good food as priority.

We have seen roughly 10 turtles (Two were mating) and it was great to swing with them (I took pictures) and also small sharks too.

Again, in Redang it was a great and unique experience Please note that together with my wife we have seen coral reefs and marine nature in Hawaii, Fiji ,French Polynesia, Indonesia, Red Sea, Caribbean (Jamaica and Venezuela), Mauritius, Madagascar, South Africa, Borneo, Maldives.... so we do have a quite large experience, we will keep Redang in our hearts!

Thanks for your suggestions and help

With best regards
Giulio Farina



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